VWE – Training through Virtual Working Environments

“NOSTOS” Organization for Social Integration, in the framework of Life Long Learning Programme Key Activity 3 ICT of the EACEA – Education Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency is coordinating the VWE – Training through Virtual Working Environments program. The consortium brings together the resources of 9 participating organization from 5 EU countries including 3 partners with involvement in consulting services, 1 in vocational Training, 2 Chambers of Commerce and 2 private companies with expertise in virtual environments, as well as a university research center.

The project’s objective is the development of ICT-based self- and distance learning training courses familiarizing learners/users with the business culture prevalent in workplaces. It targets people who face barriers entering the labour market or sustaining a job position, aiming at strengthening employability and developing skills.

The partners use their experience in order to develop training scenarios, which will be transformed into 3D presentations through Virtual Environment applications (ICT) simulating the real world. The beneficiaries/learners will thus be able to participate in simulations of real-life situations (based on the training scenarios) and interact with avatars. They will have for instance the chance to walk in working environments (offices, factories, hotels, etc), to talk with other workers and employers (Avatars), to interact with objects and roles. The training scenarios will be customized according to the work ethics and cultural needs of each participating country.

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