What is Counseling?

Counseling is the process through which a person can better his/hers condition. Furthermore it facilitates personal goal setting, empowerment, and dealing with and surpassing problems. Successful counseling depends on the interaction between the person and the counselor, in other words the relationship that develops between them which has as a goal the emancipation (self-identity) of the person.

How can assist you

Job Seeking and Placement

Nowadays job seeking and placement require specialization, good knowledge of the job market, and immediate access to information. The Counseling Services of “NOSTOS” support people interested in job seeking or in changing their current job in many ways some of which are mentioned below:

  • Skills and qualities identification
  • Professional CV composition
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Self-presenting techniques
  • Organized job seeking
  • Personalized psycho-social support

Facing Changes

Throughout adulthood, a person can come across changes, unexpected events, developments in personal and/or professional aspects. Anyone needing assistance in:

  • Confronting them
  • Making decisions
  • (Re)Defining his/hers goals

can address the Counseling Services of “NOSTOS”. The main aim of the services is to support and encourage the person so that he or she can fulfill their desires.

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The Counseling Services of “Nostos” are administered by specialized counselors with long-term experience and high level of knowledge.