Matching Labor Demand and Supply

“Nostos” operates a specialized Employment Office, staffed with specialized employment counselors, which provides a network of services aimed at both job seekers and employers – businesses.

This Office:

  • Facilitates employment integration of those unemployed / underemployed especially for those facing particular difficulties in job seeking.
  • Provides advisory support to employers and businesses on issues of development and selection of personnel as well as in issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Management.

It is worth noting that 1 out of 2 people who have used our services are successfully introduced in the labor market.

In this context the following services are provided:

Information Service
Including job vacancies, education opportunities, ASEP invitations (public sector) etc.

On the Spot Tackling of Unemployment
This service consists of a direct matching of job seekers with the labor market mainly through the “Employers Network” that “Nostos” has developed.

Job Club – Employment Workshop
Once a week an employment workshop takes place. The aim is to create a warm and comfortable environment in which the unemployed are able to search for available jobs in the newspapers and to navigate through the internet. With the help of specialized employment counselors people get familiarized with the job searching techniques and encouraged to approach and communicate with employers and businesses that interest them.

Companies and Employers Network
“Nostos” has a network of over 100 partner companies covering a wide range of the labor market. Cooperation with business consists of promoting unemployed in the labor market, supporting development projects and the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Management aimed at enhancing employability.

Entrepreneurship development
Support is provided to unemployed people who are interested in opening their own business (setting up a business plan, securing funding etc.).

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The Counseling Services of “Nostos” are administered by specialized counselors with long-term experience and high level of knowledge.